Thursday, January 15, 2009

Long-overdue Vodka Tasting Notes

Notes from our double-blind vodka tasting. . .

Vodka #1: Sweet nose, harsh taste; simple & serviceable; inoffensive
Turned out to be: Tito's ($16)

Vodka #2: Harsh finish; metallic or burnt; tastes like refrigerator! but initially citrusy
Turned out to be: Chopin ($39)

Vodka #3: Super-grapey; citrusy or fruity; smooth
Turned out to be: Hangar 1 ($37)

Vodka #4: Grapey start, chemically finish; thin & ungenerous; sour
Turned out to be: Reyka ($25)

Vodka #5: Powerful & smooth; quick sweet start
Turned out to be: Svedka ($16)

Vodka #6: Julie's favorite; velvety smooth & almost chocolatey; citrusy
Turned out to be: Stoli ($31)

Vodka #7: Garbagey smell, mean finish; rough & minerally; hobo vodka from very skilled hobos; bongwater vodka
Turned out to be: Absolut

Vodka #8: A little sweetness; like drinking the magnetic strip off a credit card; fighting finish
Turned out to be: Crop

Vodka #9: Astringently mineral; smooth & polished
Turned out to be: Smirnoff

Vodka #10: Pile o' fruit; lemony citrus
Turned out to be: Ciroc ($25)

Still need prices for: Smirnoff, Absolut, Crop

Edit: More details have been added in this post.

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