Monday, January 5, 2009

Infusion vessels

I came away from our last meeting (vodka tasting extraordinaire) with the job of looking into what kinds of glassware might be available for the vodka infusion extraordinaire project. "Borrowing" that many bottles from work might be - let's say impracticable - so I looked into other sources.

Fisher has some nice-looking science-y bottles that would function well (wide mouths, good sizes). The catch with these is that they're either really expensive or have to be purchased in cases of 900, or both (examples here and here). Jason likes the BOD bottles with the ground glass stoppers, but the stoppers make them expensive as they're specially designed to be gas-tight.

VWR's offerings are similar to Fisher's, although they have these jars which are pretty inexpensive.

And while the nerdy-chic aspect of using true labware is hard to give up on, there are also these juice and salad dressing bottles from a supplier that looks like it might be part of the scrapbooking industry, if scrapbookers started getting into homemade ketchup (for all I know they're already there).

As the lowest-class option, we could all go out and drink at least three 16-oz Sobe drinks and save the bottles. Not quite as special, but again perfectly serviceable.

In the end I think we might be best off making another trip up to Exit 2 in New Hampshire where they're selling the 375 ml bottles of Svedka for $5.29. They come pre-filled!

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  1. So according to my calculations *pushes glasses up* we save $5.69 by buying the handle over the small bottles or about $1.10/btl so that seems like that should be our basic target. If we can get cool bottles for ~$1.50 each, I think it's totally worth it for the cool factor.

    I do think that those BOD bottles are awesome, though, and if we could get 1 or 2 rather than 24, I'd totally pay 10 bucks for one.

    On a somewhat different note ... the 750ml bottle at the NH liquor store is the most expensive (at $16.65/l). The 375ml bottles weigh in at $14.11/l, the liter bottle at $11.49 (less than the $12.49 for the 750ml), and the handle (1.75l) at $10.85/l.

    I suspect that the handle will create 5 375ml bottles of infused vodka once room is made for the infusee (if we get the 375ml bottles ... we may have to drink a portion to get it all to fit. I know, it'll be tragic.)

    Other small notes:

    Smirnoff is slightly cheaper in the 1.75l size, and it offers a 100 proof option if we had that desire.